Auselot will take you on a journey like no other. Ranging from a progression of melodic and enchanting future bass to heavy-hitting dubstep, his captivating and unique sound will leave you curious and craving more. 


Auselot, otherwise known as Austin Sturgeon, is a producer and DJ based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Inspired by a surplus of emotions, life experiences, and various artists within the industry, he creates an authentic sound that is of a master quality and beyond addictive.  

Music enables Auselots soul to speak. You feel him inside of you when you hear his music and you immediately understand the passion, love and respect he has for music. He's a young man only 23, even though his age doesn't say it. His focus is always on the feeling and the realness of the music and its message.

In spite of it all, however, it is only one thing that audiences truly sense when they hear Auselot, that is the true power of his heavy chords and uplifting melody's, it’s the one thing that keeps his crowds coming back to him for more, it’s the force that keeps Auselot constantly moving forward in a world full of critics and musical enthusiasts. the power of music, it speaks when words cannot be spoken